Goodbye To Humanity

A 8 track breaks ep (36m 19s) — released January 16th 2012 on Pig Balls Records
PulpFusion The swiss "mad beat scientist" PulpFusion is well known in the international Funk and Breaks scene as a producer and remixer. PulpFusion takes the audience on a journey to good old fashioned soul, funk and all related styles of the vinyl era combined with the forces of today’s killer beats. For his next album "Wrong World" PulpFusion goes back to his roots. He has started as a guitar player many years ago, he knows defently when he has to start working also with samples and computer based music after he heard the first albums from Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy. So since years he loved Rock influenced Breakbeats and thats exactly what you get here. "Goodbye To Humanity" is the first EP from the forthcoming album "Wrong World". Guau Dj since 2000, producer since 2004, he is co-founder of the digital label that has revolutionized the breakbeat´s scene in Spain: Elektroshok Records. His productions range from darkest tear-out to the freshest breakbeat, without neglecting sound experiments that twist the structure, tempo and tone of his songs to focus all the attention of his audience to the dj. Acidicy Influenced by the early Breakbeat sounds of the 90's and later Big Beats & Nu Skool Breaks ACiDicy starts Djing in 1998! In 2003 he began to produce own tracks and worked as remixer for artists like Crash House Brothers (GER) and Vital Substance (UK)! The first remixes was released on Systematica Records (USA)! In 2009 ACiDicy founded his own label Naughty Tricks and worked with artists like Sireone (USA), Damgroove (UK), Soulhunter (GER), Prosper (FRA), Tro (GER) and many more! His sound is a mix of Old & Nu Skool! ACiDicymusic is always a mix of playfully cuts and samples of old skool tracks with renewed enthusiasm and Nu Skool sounds! Jazz Klippa Made his first remixes when 11 years old, together with his brother Barrio Katz in 1997 and the Pepe Le Moko DJ team was founded. Since 2006 he's been creating his own edits, mashups,remixes and own tunes. Jazz.K.lipa is influenced by all kinds of music input, that creates a prositive vibration, which is also in focus when he tours the nightclubs and festivals around Europe. Having released tunes on labels like Wack Records,Resense and Kraak Records, BBP Recordings, and now the first drop on Pig Balls Records! ;-) FEEDBACKS: Telephunken: "i like it. sounds dope man! i like the acid sounds and the more "rock" influence!" RamSkank: "I have to say it is amazing! Sounds HUGE!!!! Parts remind me of the prodigy too which is always a good thing :)" BadboE: "Really nice sounds and well produced. Cool titles and concepts on the songs too. Really like the last 2 tracks on the album and also the Wrong World track. Thanks a bunch for letting me take a listen. It gave me some inspiration for my own next album that i have started on." Stickybuds: "there are a couple cool breaks song that remind me of intense raves, lots of emotion in some of those songs, nice one!" Daytoner: "First thing to say is nice one fella and its particularly good when driving around (although i did end up driving a bit too fat as a result ha ha !) Anyway, given what I'd heard from you before I was quite surprised with this as you've got a lot harder and more electronic sound on this than what I've heard previously. Sounds like you've drawn influence from the Chemical Brothers, Hybrid and the Prodigy on this LP - would that be fair?" Nick Thayer: "Nice work on the album. Some very cool tracks on there. And so many too!" Jazz K Lippa: "very interesting music -- your style new style future style good style !!!!!!!!!!! ghetto metal ? heavy funk ??? great !!! BOOOOMMMM !!!"
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