Chase Across Orion

A 10 track soul album (47m 19s) — released February 12th 2016 on Tucxone

Fearless and with no previous assumptions. With soul and at an aim. That's how anyone should

travel anywhere. That's how the astronauts from Outer Space explored the grooves of our galaxy.

Their first long manned mission across the blackest skies of the suburbs of our solar system is titled

"Chase Across Orion"

An operation coordinated from the sound laboratories of Tucxone Records, avant-garde of the

investigation of the blackish atmospheres. From Barcelona Outer Space were planning in the

shadows their boarding to the musical scene. In Chase Across Orion, their first LP, the songs are

referenced to spacial and science fiction landscapes, of which they recognize to be great fans. They

admit that the advantage of making instrumental music is that it gives wings to the imagination to

fly and draw scenarios filled with fantasy. The space is a never-ending source of inspiration.

"Few times have there been men brave enough as to take off for an interstellar enterprise of this

height. But one thing is clear, their names wont be forgotten. That's why on our memories we start

to mark with fire the signature of Outer Space"

Nacho Álvaro a.k.a. Patillas DJ

(El Canto del Grillo, RNE)

The Members

Most of their members have a solid education in the dark caverns of Jazz. Joan Urpinell and Alex

Molas (guitar and bass) have a great experience in Jazz and Soul-Funk combos. Ramón Aragall

(drums) also has some serious knowledge of jazz languages but also extensive experience with Pop

& Rock bands. Gorka Garay and Aram Montagut (tenor sax and trombone) have a great career in

the wold of Jazz, having both of them played alongside artists known internationally. Jordi Casas

(percussions) has a deep knowledge of the Afro and Jazz languages and is also captain of the ship

alongside Marc Mena (trumpet)

Marc Mena

He is the leader of the band. Composer of the songs. The evil mind behind the riffs and devilish

melodies. The chef that mixes with malignant efficiency influences from here and there. Inside his

maniac brain is where the plan of casting music blackest than the heart of the night was planned.

And to do it the way it was done in the 60's and 70's: Deep-Funk drums, incisive bass and guitar

beats, escalating to the climax with very few elements, but a lot of energy. His interest is focused in

the song concept, a structure that has a start and an end. His efforts were directed to dig deeper

along that line, escaping from the concept of Jazz fusion in which the essence is very easily diluted

into stylistic turnarounds and infinite improvisations.

Chase Across Orion

The title is very evocative and condensates the theme of the album: frenetic chases across galactic

landscapes, besides being a reference or an eye-blink that the fans of Blade Runner will appreciate.

In this record the process of composition has taken place always thinking on the first place in the

atmosphere of the song, trying to recreate specific sensations. Starting from there, sometimes the

song would develop from the bass line and then the horns or sometimes just the other way around,

using profusely the resource of doubling the bass with the guitar so that the resulting line sounds

more punchy (just like The Meters did or like, more recently, The Budos does). Regarding the

composition of the horns they are built using the octavation unison resource mainly. Harmonizing

only in very few moments, that way the melody has much more strength and power.

Tucxone Records

Outer Space had just started to rehearse as a band and to start the composition processes when we

uploaded a video on the internet. It took only a while for them to send us a message when the video

had just very few views, but the will of The Cyber-Almighty has strange ways to manifest itself and

made our paths cross. From the very beginning the affinity between the work teams of Tucxone

Records and Outer Space was obvious. Tucxone they just love music and take a lot of care into

what they do. We felt really comfortable in the process of recording and very satisfied with the final

result. It truly is a great difference to step into the process of making the record fully into the

analogue domain. We are very proud of the resulting sound, but also of the magic that comes out of

recording all at once, as opposed to the process of doing it instrument by instrument. We ended with

a record that sounds much more like those sessions from the 60's.

A unique experience through space and time of never before imagined black music. Outer Space

combines perfectly the sounds from Ethiopia with the wildest grooves in Chase Across Orion.

Sr. Lobezno (Afrodisiaclub)

I just got back from a cosmic journey in which I have discovered places that men never before

dreamed to visit, atmospheres with new substances that impregnated my brain and my lungs are

filled with gases that help me breathe better. I feel light, like floating. Beyond the limits of

perception new paths for experimentation have opened themselves. Now I know I can visit new

places without moving and Outer Space are to blame for that. Chase Across Orion travels in time to

show us paths never explored before.

Dj Sutil

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