Don't Fade Away

A 1 track soul single (3m 39s) — released March 30th 2018 on Tucxone

J.P. Bimeni is a royal refugee turned soul survivor. A Burundian-born_ London based singer. J.P._s voice is laced with pain_ yearning and soul. The new single and title track from the album _Free Me_ embodies the heart-lifting hope that he carries with him having narrowly escaped the Burundi civil war at the end of last century. A lonely guitar riff is overlaid with a soaring gospel organ and epic wailing horns. At each twist and turn Bimeni displays an astonishing depth with his vocal range. The track comes from his debut album _Free Me_ scheduled for release October 26th 2018 through Spanish label Tucxone Records.Texto promocional (inglés)Bimeni's new album features ten songs of love and loss, hope and fear, with a voice that recalls Otis Redding in his prime and with a conviction that comes out of the extraordinary experiences life has thrown at him. With classic 60s-sounding Motown and Stax-inspired grooves the album was written by musical director Eduardo Martínez and songwriter Marc Ibarz and Bimeni imbues these tales of love and loss with his tragic experiences making 'Free Me' a deep soul soundtrack to his pained life.Biografía del artista (inglés)There aren't too many with a story like J.P. Bimeni. "Burundi is a country at war with itself and my family is a microcosm of this", says J.P. who was born to a republican-leaning, high-ranking military official father and a mother who was a descendant of the royal family. A civil war began in 1993, an inter ethnic conflict with massive loss of life. Bimeni was targeted, followed and shot through the chest, left on the brink of death. After hearing later that he was on the wanted list from his hospital bed in Kenya, he registered as a refugee and applied for a scholarship program run by the UN Refugee Agency. At 16, he left Africa for a college in Wales with a chance of a better life and the opportunity to make music for a living.

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