Every Love Is an Exercise in Depersonalisation on a Body Without Organs yet to Be Formed by Dominik Suchy - Weltschmerzen [WS007] FLAC download included with physical items

Every Love Is an Exercise in Depersonalisation on a Body Without Organs yet to Be Formed

A 8 track leftfield/idm album (37m 58s) — released April 5th 2024 on Weltschmerzen

The space between every love is filled with vigilance in preparation for future threat. This threat is not so much pain as failure and, above all, fatigue. Even the beginnings, when love seems at its most accessible, are disturbing. In spite of this we advance into the turmoil because we are inebriated with love.

Dominik Suchy's third album admits all this as a quality of love. Disembodied and denied to be gloom or bliss, love is revealed to be a raw process at full length. This makes for emotionally hypercharged music that is more inevitable than tense. The record unfolds, for all its ruptures and weight, as familiar. It is a music of pathos, because it benefits from the emotional knowledge that already resides in you.

The universality of this angle allows for compositions that are less than opulent. A focus on the mass of sound // verticality leads to a bareness that sets "Every Love..." apart from Suchy's previous works. At times sonically overwhelming and rhythmically ambiguous, it should be approached as free jazz rather than post-club.

Every Love Is an Exercise in Depersonalisation on a Body Without Organs Yet to Be Formed does not submit to the weariness of love // Weltschmerzen does not submit to the weariness of the world.

In places harrowing and emotionally charged, in other places quite inconspicuous, you feel that you are standing in front of something big, transcending everything, which you observe with sacred reverence. Maybe it's the eye of the storm or that love which is the origin of everything. - Peter Dolnik, 34.sk

One of the most distinct electronic artists in our geographical area.' - Roberta Tothova, Pravda.sk

Everything happens with deep apprehension, the atmosphere and its variations are executed on a masterly level” - Richard Kutej, Fullmoon Zine

[An album] full of incessant soundscapes, undulations and sound-design based portrayals of magnificence. - Mikulas Hamerla, Alterecho.cz

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